As shopify continues to grow as a platform, more and more shopify app developers are needed. If you want to be the best shopify app developer in your niche, then these quick and simple steps will help you get there! These tips will help you learn how to become an expert shopify app developer with just a little bit of time and effort.

Make sure you have a passion for shopify apps. If not, then it will be difficult to continue with this profession as there are plenty of other professions that can provide a stable income without the same amount of work and effort.

Steps to become shopify app developer:

Refresh the basics of web development technologies, as mentioned below before you start the shopify app development.

1] Learn HTML5 and CSS, Learn from this course, it’s free 🙂

2] JavaScript is essential, refresh basic javascript skills

3] Learn basics of React.

4] Learn GraphQL, Shopify building API’s with GraphQL , this is the best hack on basics of GraphQL.

Shopify App development

  •  Make sure you have a shopify store or plan on opening one. You can be a better app developer with your shopify partner account and dev store! Register partner account here.
  •  Start looking at shopify apps and think about what kinds of shopify apps would help your business grow. This will allow you to understand the needs of other shopify shop owners. The more you know about other shopify stores, the better app developer for shopify you will be! Learn from shopify development team.
  • Start writing down ideas of what type of shopify apps would help your business grow and conduct research on these topics. You can even take this further by sharing these ideas with others in the shopify community to gather more ideas and knowledge.
  • Start learning how shopify apps work by looking through their documentation, reading blogs on shopify app development, watching youtube tutorials about shopify app development, or even taking shopify courses online that will teach you everything you need to know about the subject! This step is the most important for you to become shopify app developer.
  • Start making shopify apps! It’s time to get your hands dirty and make some shopify apps that will help businesses grow, improve their sales, or even do anything else that can be done through shopify store applications. This step will help you become shopify app developer. Start from Shopify App CLI
  • Continue improving your shopify apps by adding new features, updating old ones, and even listening to what people are saying about shopify apps that you have created! Learn Shopify app bridge and Polaris (Shopify design framework for UX).
  • Start looking for opportunities with other shop owners or companies who can use your shopify apps to improve their shopify stores. This will allow you to become an even better shopify app developer as you can see what other shop owners need and want from shopify apps! integration with Store front and Admin API by using GraphiQL
  • Start sharing your knowledge or shopify apps with the world by writing articles about them, speaking at conferences, creating youtube tutorials, blogging on shopify app development, and doing anything else that you can think of to share your knowledge with others!
  • Start looking for shopify app development jobs if the shopify apps are not making enough money or if you want a new challenge. You will be able to work in many different companies and use even more shopify skills than before, which will allow you to shopify apps to improve even more!
  • Work on shopify apps in a team with other experts in the industry. Working with others will give you new ideas and allow you to share your shopify knowledge with everyone else, which can help make shopify app development even better for everyone involved!

To become an expert Shopify app developer, you need to be able to create a functional prototype and then iterate on it until the desired result is achieved. You also need to know how to build features that are intuitive for your users and take advantage of third party APIs like Facebook or Twitter. I’ve compiled list of steps below so you can follow along with what we think will work best: 1) Make sure all platform-specific code has been written 2) Create a static mockup 3) Build out wireframes 4) Write scripts 5) Implement user stories 6) Test 7 ) Automated acceptance testing 8 ) Deploy 9 ) Refine  These steps should help any aspiring Shopify app developers learn

Finally If you’re looking for a new career and want to be an app developer, above mentioned steps are great tips. Whether it’s your first time developing apps or if you’re just looking for ways to improve the quality of your code, these steps should help get you on the right track. Remember that being able to develop top-notch Shopify apps is not something anyone can do overnight. You have to study hard and put in hours every day until you become a pro at what you love doing most – building amazing applications! What are your thoughts about becoming a Shopify app developer?

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